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Tap into the $12 trillion market for sustainable investments set to create 380 million new jobs by 2030

About SIAS

SIAS is led by a specialist team of sustainable development and FDI experts who leverage the resources of WAVTEQ to attract sustainable investment for governments and economic development organizations.

  • 80 FDI consultants with offices in 13 countries (including WAVTEQ affiliated companies)
  • Track record in securing $50 billion of FDI projects creating 0.5 million new jobs
  • Over 1,000 IPAs/EDOs subscribing to WAVTEQ-developed FDI databases and products
  • Thought-leadership in FDI with 2,000 economic development subscribers to our publications

SIAS Project Examples

  • Presentation at the UN World Investment Forum on "Sustainable FDI: The Corporate Perspective"
  • UNCTAD study on how to develop a sub-national FDI strategy focused on SDGs
  • WAVTEQ Sustainable Companies Top 1000 Database
  • Study on the Insect Sector and development of the Insect Top 100 company database
  • Partner of the Sustainable Investment Forum in Dubai
  • Targeting of sustainable tourism companies for a national IPA client from the LATAM region
  • Identification of sustainable FDI opportunities in Food Ingredients for a German State IPA
  • Identification and profiling of sustainable investment companies in Nova Scotia
  • Sustainable development training modules for Caribbean Export
  • Sustainable development training modules for a regional training workshop in LATAM
  • Study on how to identify companies that will contribute to sustainable development

  FDI Attraction Strategy

SIAS works with IPAs and EDOs to develop and implement investment promotion strategies to tap into the $12 trillion sustainable investment market. Key services include:

  • Location assessment studies to identify key sustainable investment needs and opportunities
  • Alignment of the 60 highest growth sub-sectors for sustainable development with FDI strategy
  • Impact analysis of target FDI sectors on each of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Identification of key countries to target for sustainable investment with go-to-market plans
  • Review and development of incentives policies to encourage sustainable investment
  • Three-year investment promotion strategies and one-year implementation action plans

  Marketing Services

SIAS Marketing Services reposition the location brand for sustainable investment and provide the marketing tools to effectively promote the location. Key services we provide include:

  • Preparing Value Propositions for sustainable investment sectors
  • Content development and design of Flyers and Brochures
  • Development of Websites
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Design of new logos to develop a sustainable investment brand

  Company Research

SIAS has proprietary methodologies and databases to identify the target companies for FDI and Sustainable Development. Key services we provide include:

  • Targeting of companies that offer the strongest potential for FDI and which are committed to sustainable investment
  • Identification of companies to invite to PPP and other government tenders
  • Screening of inbound enquiries received by the IPA/EDO to qualify the company and the support that should be provided
  • Identification of leading companies and innovators in key sustainable investment sectors
  • Detailed Company Profiles of strategic target investors
  • SIAS has developed the �Sustainable Development Company Index�
  • SIAS has developed the Insect Top 100 company database
  • SIAS has developed the �Sustainable Companies Top 1000� database of the leading MNEs and SMEs focused on sustainable investments

  Lead Generation

SIAS works with IPAs and EDOs to implement lead generation programmes which target the $12 trillion sustainable investment market. Key services we provide include:

  • Development of an annual Business Development Plan for attracting FDI (lead generation program)
  • In-market representation services in major source countries where our teams fully represent the IPA/EDO in the country
  • Road Show G2B meeting programs in countries worldwide to meet with pre-qualified potential investors
  • Trade Show G2B meeting programs at key industry events to meet with pre-qualified potential investors
  • Organization of IPA/EDO Investment Seminars/Events to network with pre-qualified companies and build awareness
  • Lead generation campaign to target companies worldwide with the best opportunities for sustainable investment


SIAS has developed a specialized training course to provide practical training on how sustainable development can be implemented into an IPA / EDO. Key training services include:

  • Training workshops at the IPA/EDO site
  • Online training and certification systems, which can be customized and licensed by the IPA/EDO
  • Training modules covering key topics:
    • What is sustainable development
    • Business trends in sustainable investment
    • Location trends in sustainable investment
    • How to attract sustainable investment
    • How to develop your location into a sustainable investment brand
    • Incentives and sustainable investment


SIAS is committed to knowledge generation and thought leadership. Our studies on sustainable investment and FDI can be downloaded for free. View publications

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