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UNCTAD publishes study on FDI and sustainable development in Cities researched by WAVTEQ

WAVTEQ is pleased to announce a new study of investment promotion for sustainable development in cities, providing best practice case studies from around the world on how city governments and investment promotion agencies (IPAs) can attract FDI aligned to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The study is published in the newly released seventh issue of The IPA Observer by UNCTAD.

WAVTEQ’s Sustainable Investment Advisory service (SIAS) unit was contracted by UNCTAD to lead the research. Giving feedback on the study, Christian Kollinsky, WAVTEQ’s Director for Sustainable Investment, who led the research, stated:

"We see multinational enterprises increasingly targeting the SDGs and at the same time a wave of new types of enterprise are entering the market; small, fast-growing and technologically advanced companies that want to expand rapidly and globally through FDI. The sustainable investment market is set to be worth over $12 trillion globally by 2030, but very few locations have developed investment promotion strategies targeting sustainable investment. With foreign investors increasingly driven by sustainability criteria, locations are missing a huge opportunity to attract FDI. The study published by UNCTAD provides example best practice case studies demonstrating how traditional models of FDI attraction can be adapted to target sustainable investment - and in doing so attract more FDI and more job creation. WAVTEQ is at the forefront of advising countries, regions, and cities on how to attract sustainable FDI. We provide proprietary tools to shape investment strategies and align them with the SDGs, to identify target sectors with high sustainable development impact, and to attract companies to your location with business models targeting the SDGs."

Christian Kollinsky, Director for Sustainable Investment, WAVTEQ

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We have worked with over 300 investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and economic development organizations (EDOs) providing data and technology solutions and lead generation, strategy, marketing and training services to attract inward investment. Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) and site selection firms also subscribe to our data products to inform corporate location decisions.

WAVTEQ was established in Hong Kong in 2010 and has grown rapidly to become the largest FDI consulting team in the industry with over 80 specialist FDI consultants in 16 countries. Nearly two thirds of companies that have invested overseas in the last 15 years are headquartered in these countries. Our offices are ideally located to effectively target over 85% of companies worldwide currently considering FDI.

WAVTEQ is the world's leading developer of FDI databases and tools and is at the forefront of knowledge on FDI and investment promotion (See: WAVTEQ is also the exclusive consulting, technology and sales partner of fDi Intelligence, Financial Times Ltd.