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WAVTEQ launches High-Performance Industry Cluster Report: Series 2 – The FinTech Sector

WAVTEQ has launched Issue 2 of its new High-Performance Industry Cluster Reports series. Issue 2 focuses on the 'FinTech Sector.' Since 2012, FinTech FDI capital expenditure has been growing by 13.57% per year. As the sector evolves, it’s important that destination markets seeking to attract FinTech FDI are well informed on how to best position themselves and benefit economically from the sector's increasing growth. Download, for FREE, WAVTEQ’s latest report to identify the investment opportunities in the sector and learn more about global FinTech FDI trends.

The latest series focuses on the rapid growth within the FinTech sector globally including; current Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) trends, rising demand for innovative solutions within Financial services, and changing government policies.

"This Issue of WAVTEQ’s High Performance Industry Cluster Report Series delves into the global trends surrounding FinTech related foreign direct investment and provides valuable insight regarding the opportunities within the sector. The demand for real time, accessible and secure financial transacting has grown intensively over the last decade as we strive to operate as efficiently as possible within a rapidly growing, yet spatially shrinking global financial network. FinTech demand shows no sign of slowing, therefore, it is up to the innovators of today and tomorrow to support and develop increasingly digital and technology reliant financial economies."
Matt Harvey, International Sales Executive & Lead Generation Consultant, WAVTEQ

In addition to providing valuable FinTech insight the report in its core, is an continual effort to identify high growth and marquee global FinTech firms who have been recognised for their technology prowess, have prior experience in operating in multiple international jurisdictions, have raised a significant amount of growth capital and are actively looking to expand across the world. WAVTEQ's Corporate Intelligence Unit (CIU) has developed a 'Top 225' proprietary database, containing profiles of the fastest growing FinTech companies within the sector.

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Should you need further information contact:

Matt Harvey
International Sales Executive
& Lead Generation Consultant
T: +44 2895 680 017