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WAVTEQ launches the first online platform tracking domestic investment in Australia

20th November 2018

WAVTEQ has announced the launch of AUSTRALIA INVESTMENT MONITOR (AIM), a unique platform to track the expansion of Australian-headquartered companies domestically within Australia across all regions and sectors.

With 1500+ greenfield investment projects tracked since January 2018, AUSTRALIA INVESTMENT MONITOR fills a key gap in the market, identifying in real-time which Australian companies are expanding and the locations in which they are choosing to invest.

The tool analyses geographic and sector investment flows across Australia, providing local and regional governments with valuable insights on regional performance and the fastest growing sectors.

"We are delighted to announce that we have published the Australia Investment Monitor, the first ever database tracking comprehensively, real-time domestic direct investment projects across Australia. The Australia Investment Monitor follows the successful launch of our U.K. and Canada Investment Monitors.

We selected Australia as our third launch country due to the importance of domestic investment in Australia, with FDI accounting for only 15% of total gross fixed capital formation in Australia (2016 data from UNCTAD), as well as due to the the huge size and federal structure of Australia which heightens the importance of intra-State and inter-State domestic direct investment.

The new Australia Investment Monitor provides for the first time a powerful data resource and application to track real time which domestic companies are expanding throughout Australia and to analyze sector and geographic trends in capital investment and job creation. It is a unique tool for business development and strategic research."

Dr Henry Loewendahl, WAVTEQ Founder & CEO, WAVTEQ

With over three quarters of inward investment projects in Australia coming from domestic companies, AUSTRALIA INVESTMENT MONITOR gives investment promotion professionals the latest insights, trends and leads on Australia's domestic investment landscape.