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WAVTEQ launches new High-Performance Industry Cluster Reports

WAVTEQ has launched its new High-Performance Industry Cluster Reports. Issue 1 of the series looks at the 'Insect Sector' which is a sector achieving a 100% growth rate per annum and is projected to become a multi-billion-dollar industry.

The series will focus on industry and company research on transformative sectors which combine very high growth rates with opportunities for sustainable investment.

Christian Kollinsky, WAVTEQ’s Director of Sustainable Development, commented, “We seek to identify new economic trends that combine high economic and sustainable impact with our new report series. When I first heard about Insect Farming as a trained biologist, it soon became very clear to me that there is a new industry in the food sector that offers incredible opportunities. If today the costs of environmental damage from soy, fishmeal and mass animal husbandry would be priced in, products from these markets would no longer be competitive. Insect Farming will roll up the whole food market from below and the advantages as our report shows, economically and from a sustainable perspective are very clear. We will see a revolution underway in the food sector.

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Should you need further information contact:

Christian Kollinsky
Senior Director
Sustainable Development