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World Bank Investor Perception Survey on FDI into Africa and Rwanda

World Bank Investor Perception Survey on FDI into Africa and Rwanda image

WAVTEQ, as part of an Adam Smith International consortium, was awarded a World Bank contract from 2017-18 to conduct an international investor perception survey. WAVTEQ visited Rwanda and conducted interviews with existing investors to understand the business climate and investment opportunities whilst providing FDI training for Rwanda Development Board.

WAVTEQ led the design of an international investor perception survey methodology and questionnaire and developed a target database of 500+ potential investors, identifying companies that have plans for FDI in Africa / East Africa but which have not yet invested in the region and companies that have invested in East Africa but not yet in Rwanda. WAVTEQ�s global lead generation team implemented the survey.

The survey report was officially launched by the World Bank and Rwanda Development Board in June 2018 (see links below).

Key findings from the international investor perception survey designed and implemented by WAVTEQ include:

  • 37% of companies are considering FDI in Africa in the next 24 months (note the survey focused only on companies with a high propensity for FDI in the Agri-Business, Healthcare, ICT, Manufacturing, and Services sectors)
  • 45% of companies are considering FDI in Asia-Pacific, 41% in Europe, 39% in North America, 32% in Latin America & Caribbean, and 23% in Middle East in the next 24 months
  • Almost half of potential investors are from Asia-Pacific with around one-fifth from Europe and one-fifth from North America
  • Companies are considering different options for FDI in Africa; while the majority of companies are planning the establishment of wholly-owned subsidiaries (Greenfield FDI), Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships with local companies are also being considered by over half of companies. In manufacturing sectors, over one-third of companies are considering M&A
  • When companies were asked which countries they have considered for FDI in the last 5 years, Rwanda was ranked in joint 8th place. Given the small size of the population and economy, this was a relatively high ranking. Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa were the countries most considered for FDI, reflecting the size of their market, population, industrial clusters, and openness for FDI.

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The Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of WAVTEQ, Chris Knight will be presenting at the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit on Monday 25th June.

View more information on how to meet with Chris to discuss how WAVTEQ can assist African IPAs and governments in attracting FDI.

Should you need further information contact:

Judith Walker
Senior Marketing Executive, Wavteq
T: +44 (0) 28090 996 698