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What can we learn from emerging markets? Report from four corners of the globe

 By Dr Henry Loewendahl on 5th December 2016
  • Mon 5th Dec 2016

Returning from a global tour of emerging markets, meeting governments and investors in some of the most interesting and dynamic countries in the world, Dr Henry Loewendahl, Group CEO of WAVTEQ, shares his views on the prospects for emerging markets.

On the road with the IPAs in Germany, Cleveland, and London

 By Daniel Callaghan on 14th November 2016
  • Mon 14th Nov 2016

A busy couple of weeks on the road has passed-by without major incident apart from the countless airport sandwiches, Cola refills and forced gate-checking of some standard-sized hand luggage. Save for these First World problems, I enjoyed engaging with IPA professionals and corporate executives across three of the world's major FDI donor markets in Germany, US and UK.

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