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Wavteq is attending IEDC 2017 in Toronto

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  20th September 2017

On the 17th of September, the city of Toronto will host the IEDC Annual Conference 2017. The three-day conference will focus on how to Connect, Collaborate, and Create at the global level to contribute to the transformation of local, state, and regional economies.

WAVTEQ is a sponsor of the three-day event and will have a shared booth (#616) with site selection advisory company Investment Consulting Services ("ICA").

On Wednesday 20th September at 9:30am, Mary Hebert (SVP, North America, WAVTEQ) will host a morning seminar session together with Chris Steele, (COO and North America President, ICA), on "How to engage with location advisors to secure investment referrals and negotiate on incentives." At the session EDOs can:

  • Find out from a US site selector the best techniques to engage with advisors and secure project referrals - now the #1 source of project leads for major US EDOs
  • See a 10-minute live demo of the only North America and global database of location advisors and influencers (FDI Professionals)
  • Find out which States and Communities have incentives policies that maximize ROI for the tax payer
  • See a 10-minute live demo of the only North America and global database of incentives being awarded to investors (IncentivesMonitor)
  • Discuss with our site selection and inward investment experts how to attract more investment and negotiate better on incentives

Client Testimonials

WAVTEQ Partnering on fDi Intelligence Training Workshop for Local Enterprise Partnerships Seeking Inward Investment 
"I thought that yesterday was a class act from start to finish! Well designed and structured, informative, focused, delivered at pace yet with plenty of time for networking - and thoroughly enjoyable. As stimulating as an Exec MBA weekend module! Thank you"
Steven Wilson / Head of Innovation at Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough L.E.P (Dec 2015)

" I would like to put on record my deep appreciation for your valuable advice and strong involvement in the preparation of the third edition of the Annual Investment Meeting as well as that of all the global experts "
Nazha Aschenbrenner / Director, AIM Congress (April 2013)

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