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Products & Services we offer

FDI Products

WAVTEQ data & software products assist companies with site selection and incentives negotiation and enable economic development organisations to promote their location more effectively:

  • FDI Professionals - global network of location and governments advisors in over 150 countries
  • IncentivesMonitor - track incentives packages being awarded to companies worldwide
  • FDI Accounting - measure inward investment, economic impact, & return on investment

Lead Generation

WAVTEQ has attracted over $10 billion greenfield FDI for our economic development clients since 2014. This success has been delivered through three key lead generation services:

  1. FDI road shows and seminars;
  2. Country Desk & in-market representation services; and
  3. Investor targeting campaigns and trade shows.

The WAVTEQ team has secured over 1,000 FDI projects and our highly experienced in-market consultants have conducted campaigns in over 30 countries since 2013.

Software Development

WAVTEQ has 15 years of experience in developing online, data-driven software products. We create online subscription products, automated reports and mapping products from data and publishing content. We also develop mobile apps for economic development.

Our corporate clients have quadrupled sales utilizing WAVTEQ's skills and proprietary technology. Our economic development clients have transformed their investment promotion with WAVTEQ-developed tools.


image of Wilson Chan

I just finished reading your report on Brexit and I must say it is the most comprehensive one I laid my hands on to date. Impressive team and wealth of data you have! Will continue to be subscribed!

Wilson Chan
Director, Middle East at ST Logistics Group

image of Pilar Madrigal

Every FDI officer in the world should have your tools.... you are always one step ahead of everyone else.

Pilar Madrigal
Director of Investment Promotion, Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency - CINDE


WAVTEQ is a market-leading FDI technology and consulting company at the forefront of innovation and thought-leadership in FDI. We provide technology, data, and business development solutions for the global FDI community.

WAVTEQ was founded in Hong Kong with its Technology Centre in Ireland, Centre of Excellence in UK, and Research Centre in India. WAVTEQ has a global office network providing business development services.

Contact us now for more information on our products and services

Upcoming event

IEDC 2017 logo

WAVTEQ is attending IEDC 2017 Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario

This must-attend event for economic developers is IEDC's first annual conference outside of the United States.

It will focus on how to Connect, Collaborate, and Create at the global level to contribute to the transformation of local, state, and regional economies.

  Meet us at the event

Blog entries


MIPIM 2017 - Brexit in a Bottle

Daniel Callaghan, Senior VP International Business Development, shares his experience of MPIM 2017.



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