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About Us  

Vision and mission statement

Our vision is to become the leading provider of data, technology, and consulting solutions that enable governments to attract inward investment projects and achieve sustainable development goals. Our mission statement is to increase the quantity, quality and optimal location of direct investments globally. To achieve our vision and mission statement, WAVTEQ will create new products to track and measure foreign direct investment and domestic direct investment and the contribution to sustainable development. WAVTEQ will build global capability to connect expanding companies to location-specific investment opportunities and economic development organizations worldwide.

Commitment to business integrity and sustainable development

WAVTEQ has the highest commitment to business integrity and sustainable development. We strive to ensure fairness, equal opportunities, and ethical business practices across our company. We have established a sustainable development service and we will be the first company in our industry to become a certified B-Corporation. We have also implemented a certified carbon offset program.

Company establishment

WAVTEQ was established as a spinout from the Financial Times to specialize in FDI consulting, lead generation and product development. WAVTEQ acquired Loco Software Limited and ICA Incentives BV and has taken equity positions in companies including International Investment Services GmbH and Research Consultants International Inc. to create the largest FDI consulting group with 80 full time FDI staff and consultants.

Geographic presence

The WAVTEQ Group of companies has offices in Austria, France, Canada, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Spain, UK, and USA. Nearly two-thirds of companies that have invested overseas in the last 15 years are headquartered in these countries, which are optimally located to effectively target over 85% of companies worldwide currently considering FDI.

Innovation and knowledge

WAVTEQ has developed a suite of industry-leading data products, including IncentivesMonitor, UK Investment Monitor, Canada Investment Monitor, Australia Investment Monitor, FDI Accounting, and FDI Professionals. WAVTEQ built and continues to develop fDi Markets, fDi Benchmark, The Banker database and FT China Confidential databases for the FT. WAVTEQ also publishes thought-leadership FDI studies with over 1,000 economic development professionals subscribe to our publications site.

Strongest track record in delivering FDI transactions

The WAVTEQ Group has worked with over 300 investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and economic development organizations (EDOs) delivering 1000s of investment transaction opportunities. Working on behalf of government clients, our team has helped secure $50 billion in realized greenfield investment projects from over 1,000 companies (and over $15 billion since 2014). WAVTEQ is the most successful consulting partner for IPAs and EDOs in delivering investment transactions. Key successes include:

  • Two of the three largest ever Chinese manufacturing projects in U.S.
  • The largest Japanese manufacturing FDI project globally in 2018
  • Over $6 billion of FDI from Japan and Korea in the last 3 years
  • The largest Chinese manufacturing sector R&D project into Europe
  • 10+ FDI projects from India to North America in the last 3 years creating 1,000s of jobs
  • 10+ FDI projects in the Gulf in the last 3 years with $0.6 billion + capital investment
  • 0.5 million new jobs created worldwide through FDI transactions supported by WAVTEQ

Client Testimonials

I just finished reading your report on Brexit and I must say it is the most comprehensive one I laid my hands on to date. Impressive team and wealth of data you have! Will continue to be subscribed!

image of Wilson Chan
Wilson Chan
Director, Middle East at ST Logistics Group

Every FDI officer in the world should have your tools.... you are always one step ahead of everyone else.

image of Pilar Madrigal
Pilar Madrigal
Director of Investment Promotion,
Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency - CINDE

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