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Bangalore ranks 3rd and Pune 6th in the new WAVTEQ City FDI Performance Index

Cities have become the driving force of economic growth and development. Corporate FDI strategies are very strongly focused on cities; the top 100 cities attracted nearly one-quarter of global FDI capital investment and job creation in 2017.

Our new report, Investing in an Urban World presents the 2017 WAVTEQ City FDI Performance Index.

To understand how cities are performing in attracting FDI, the new City FDI Performance Index is based on an econometric model which predicts the volume of FDI each city in the world should attract, based on its GDP and population fundamentals.

The index identifies which cities are overperforming in attracting FDI and which are underperforming.

The other Indian cities were (ranked) Pune 6th, Hyderabad 19th and Mumbai 23rd in the City FDI Performance Index.

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