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The LA Times feature WAVTEQ’s incentives deal tracking tool in recent article

Data from WAVTEQ’s global incentives deal database IncentivesMonitor has featured in a piece by ‘The LA Times’. In the article titled ‘Is Disney paying its share in Anaheim?’ WAVTEQ provides a short analysis of the incentives Disney has secured globally using its unique incentive deal analysis software tool ‘IncentivesMonitor’.

Disney’s Anaheim deals represent only a portion of the overall incentives the company has secured.

There have been pacts for the construction of ESPN studios in Connecticut, new projects at Walt Disney World in Orlando and movies shot in production-friendly locales such as Australia. This year, Disney was awarded a $20.8-million subsidy to make “Captain Marvel” in California — the third-largest film incentive ever from the state. Other entertainment companies also scour the globe for subsidies. But Disney is the master. IncentivesMonitor data shows that Disney’s $866 million it secured for film production, real estate development and other projects from 2000 to 2016 far outpaced incentives won by its rival media conglomerates, according to IncentivesMonitor, a service of data firm Wavteq Ltd.

Read the full article online here

Also check out Incentives Monitor for yourself here

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