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WAVTEQ releases new 2018 'Global Incentives Report'

  • Capital investment associated with incentives increased by 11% to nearly $200 billion
  • The average incentive per job was $17,455
  • Half of all incentives offered were tax incentives
  • Almost one-third of incentives were to achieve regional and local development

WAVTEQ, the economic development business attraction consulting group, has launched the first annual edition of its 'Global Incentives Report'.

The 2018 report provides a global overview of government incentives offered to private investors from 2010-2017. The data shows a decline in incentive spending since 2013, despite billion-dollar packages to Foxconn, Boeing, Intel and Tesla.

The report identifies typical incentive packages per industry and the diversity across world regions in incentives offered to investors.

Source: Analysis based on Global Trends in incentive ratios 2010 - 2017; - 2018 Global Incentives Report

"Unlike economic indicators such as GDP, employment levels and FDI flows, there is no globally-endorsed source for official incentive performance around the world. Yet, there is so much to measure. We hope you enjoy reading the Global Incentives Report 2018 and the insights it contains."

Nerys Coleman, WAVTEQ Deputy Director of Data and Products

Should you need further information contact:

Nerys Coleman
Deputy Director, Data & Products
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