Department of Economy Trade and Investment – FDI Strategy

Research and Strategy


Key Deliverables

  • Assessment of the value added of FDI in 80 sectors and sub-sectors
  • Development of an FDI forecasting model
  • Development of an econometric model to identify the key location determinants of FDI and the role of corporate tax.
  • Econometric model showing impact of corporate tax reduction of job creation
  • Research mapping of NI for 10 sectors and 100 research institutes
  • Assessment of the competitiveness of NI for FDI in 6 sectors through detailed location benchmarking studies

Project Highlights/Achievements

  • The Prime Minister briefed on the project findings
  • The study provided the evidence to support to decision to lower the corporate tax rate in Northern Ireland.

Executive Summary

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"Thank you for the work you've done for us. We're very happy with the outcome of the project - if this doesn't give us the info needed to help attract high value FDI, nothing will”

Senior Economist, Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investment

Project Lead

Henry Loewendahl (CEO, Wavteq)