Domestic Investment

wavteq Domestic Investment is a suite of country-based product platforms which capture internal investment flows in the UK, Canada and Australia.

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The wavteq Domestic Investment platforms are used by Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) to help them optimize their investment returns and performance. These products are the only data source available for domestic investment tracking and allows EDOs to supplement their foreign investment attraction activities with domestic marketing and sales campaigns.

Wavteq Domestic Investment is also used by investment advisors and intermediaries to monitor fast growing domestic businesses that they may be able to support on their expansion journey.





  • Enhance investment success
  • Faster sales process
  • Build regional market share of leading national businesses
  • Identify domestically expanding companies including fast growing SMEs.
  • Enhance supply chains and talent pools to attract further foreign investment
  • Compare domestic investment performance across cities and regions and build regional market share
  • Understand key growth trends at an industry level
  • Identify key-decision contacts at expanding companies


  • New investment projects tracked and added in real time as announced
  • Interactive maps and heat maps at global, national and sub-national level
  • Search/filter tools
  • Rankings
  • Trends & analysis tool
  • Reports & Excel downloads
  • Company contacts
  • Company profiles
  • E-newsletter service

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