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fDi Benchmark database

World leading location benchmarking tool to compare the cost and quality competitiveness of 700+ locations worldwide for over 60 sectors. Developed by WAVTEQ, an authorized supplier in Asia, Middle East and North America

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Product features 

The #1 location benchmarking tool for attracting FDI

  • Most comprehensive online corporate location benchmarking tool
  • Benchmarks the competitiveness of over 700 locations (countries, states, cities) for 65 sectors
  • Proprietary benchmarking models, SWOT analysis, and historic trends
  • Provides comprehensive data on key operating costs:
    • Labour costs (in over 200 job functions)
    • Property costs
    • Utility costs
  • Provides comprehensive data on key quality factors:
    • Labour quality and availability
    • Business climate and regulatory environment
    • Industry size, R&D capability, and track record
    • Logistics and ICT infrastructure
  • Powerful, automated benchmarking and propositions reports

US patent-pending methodology for making investment business cases.

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