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fDi Markets database

The world's leading FDI database and FDI business development tool from the Financial Times Ltd.
Developed by WAVTEQ, an authorized supplier in Asia, Middle East and North America

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Product features 

The #1 FDI market analysis & investor targeting tool.

  • World's leading FDI database and investor targeting tool
  • Tracked over 150,000 projects and $10 trillion of investment
  • Profiles of over 65,000 companies with investment projects
  • Over 250 new companies identifed every month with potential FDI projects
  • 200+ Governments & International organisations subscribe to fDi Markets
  • Powerful, automated reports including company target lists, profiles, leads, and FDI reports
  • Exclusive source of Greenfield FDI data for the UNCTAD World Investment Report
  • Essential for FDI market analysis, targeting and lead generation

Exclusive source of Greenfield FDI data for UNCTAD World Investment Report.

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