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IBM-Pearson establises 150 job shared services centre in Costa Rica

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WAVTEQ was contracted by CINDE Costa Rica, one of the world's leading IPAs, to target the UK market for FDI.

IBM-Pearson and CINDE

We identified a target list of UK companies which have not yet setup near shore BPO centres for the US and LATAM market or which have potential to relocate.

WAVTEQ gained access to a Financial Times closed-door event, attended by major UK companies being targeted.

At the FT event, WAVTEQ met with the key advisors to IBM-Pearson Group and understood the company had expansion plans and would likely consider a near-shore location.

WAVTEQ then secured a call with the CFO of IBM-Pearson and introduced Costa Rica as a high quality location solution for IBM-Pearson.

Following introductions to CINDE, IBM-Pearson and IBM (outsourcing partner) selected Costa for a 150 person SSC operation.

WAVTEQ also identified further investment opportunities for Costa Rica from the UK.

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