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Uber established a regional office in Birmingham in 2015 UK secured by WAVTEQ

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Uber & Marketing Birmingham

Uber’s investment in Birmingham followed 3 fairly rapid stages of activity that WAVTEQ’s US team pursued via Uber's San Francisco HQ and then Uber’s London UK HQ

WAVTEQ worked closely with client to secure project using social media to reach out to Uber's SVP for EMEA. This was followed-up with calls and a meeting with the General Manager for UK, Ireland & Nordics.

We promoted the advantages of Birmingham to Uber focusing on growth of the city and its large, young population as well as openness to innovative companies and technologies.

WAVTEQ identified a need for further expansion in the UK and assisted Uber, coordinating with our client Business Birmingham, in identifying potential office space in Birmingham for a new 2,000 sq ft office to house a 15 person office in Birmingham.

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