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Zomato establishes a $10 million, 50+ job office in Toronto

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WAVTEQ identified Zomato as a high growth tech start-up with ambitious global expansion plans & successful investment rounds.

WAVTEQ India engaged with the company initially for a client in UK (they established their first overseas office in London, UK).

Invest Ontario and Zomato

When WAVTEQ was awarded a contract by Invest Ontario in 2014, we checked Zomato's plans for North America and found out they were looking for a new operation to cover Canada and technical services for the region.

We positioned Ontario with Zomato, providing detailed benchmarking data and other information on talent and incentives.

We worked closely with Invest Ontario to arrange a site visit and assisted with all stages of the investment process.

In less than 12 months, the company announced a major new operation in Toronto which has now been established and is currently being expanded including making a local acquisition.

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