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Lead Generation & Representation ServicesOur Team is Your Team

WAVTEQ has built the largest Lead Generation and In-Market Representation team worldwide with the most extensive global presence. We have 75 lead generation and FDI consultants in 10 countries, allowing us to effectively target 85% of the world’s FDI market.

Working on behalf of government clients, our team has helped secure $50 billion in realized greenfield investment projects from over 1,000 companies. WAVTEQ is the most successful consulting partner for EDOs and IPAs in delivering investment transactions. Key successes include:

  • Two of the three largest ever Chinese manufacturing projects in U.S.
  • Over $5 billion of FDI from Japan and Korea in the last 3 years
  • The largest Chinese R&D project into Europe
  • 50,000+ jobs created worldwide through investment transactions generated by WAVTEQ

Services Overview

  In-Market Representation

  • Annual or multi-year contract with focus on achieving realized outcomes
  • Our team is your team: we fully represent you in the market operating as “one team”
  • As full representatives, we typically utilize your e-mail domain and business cards
  • This is the most effective approach to attract FDI in all countries
Key activities

  Lead Generation Campaigns

  • 6-12 month contract to identify FDI leads and opportunities
  • The focus is on identifying and introducing qualified potential investors
  • Works best in services and tech sectors and in North America & Europe
  • Less effective in Asia & Emerging Markets, which require in-market visits
Key activities

  Road Shows

  • 3-6 month contract to arrange a meeting program with qualified potential investors
  • Focus is on identifying potential investors & fully organizing the investment mission
  • Typically 8-12 meetings in one week depending on the city, sector, and other factors
  • Our team can also attend the investor meetings with you if required
  • Very effective method to attract FDI in most countries, especially Asia
  • Success does depend on ability to effectively follow-up after meetings
Key activities

  Trade Shows

  • 3-6 month contract to set up meetings with potential investors at a trade show/event
  • Focus is on identifying potential investors and setting up meetings for you
  • Typically 10-15 meetings depending on the show, location and other factors
  • Our team can also attend the trade show and meetings with you if required
  • Effective method to attract FDI in Europe & North America (less so in Asia)
  • Often FDI decision makers do not attend trade shows so success depends on very effective follow-up after the initial (generally fairly brief) meeting
Key activities

  Special Events

  • 3-6 month contract to organize an investment seminar and meeting program 
  • Focus is on recruiting high quality companies and multipliers to the seminar
  • 20-60 corporate attendees depending on size of the seminar
  • We do also organize FDI events with 100-200 participants + matchmaking meetings
  • We can organize the entire seminar or focus only on securing participants
  • Best practice is to follow the seminar with a road show to meet 1:1 potential investors
  • Very effective FDI attraction method in Japan and Asia and some EMEA markets
  • Not so effective generally in Germany and in US requires multiple seminars across US
Key activities

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