Market Intelligence

Data integrity is core to our business


Market Intelligence 

Economic development is a data driven business. Wavteq puts data quality at the core of all we do. Data is central to the success of our leading product portfolio and underpins our entire service offering from Strategy through to Lead Generation.

We’re experts in data mining and validation with a government funded Artificial Intelligence (AI) research program running in our Cork R&D centre for the last 2 years and leading experts in big data and data mining in our Bangalore Market Intelligence Unit (MIU). 

Recent R&D projects include developing software to scrape social media which has increased the number of trade and investment leads in some markets by one-third. 

Our Market Intelligence division works in support of our client projects and products as well as undertaking a range of bespoke data projects for clients.

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Market Intelligence Services

  • Investment demand and supply side data
  • Company target database development 
  • In-depth company profiles for strategic investor targeting programs
  • Industry and sector studies
  • Location assessment and investment incentives benchmarking
  • International market studies
  • Country and sector specific market studies
  • Aftercare/BRE database development
  • Market opportunity for private sector clients for trade development
  • Supply chain analysis on a sector or company level
  • Export readiness market analysis and assessment

Recent Projects

  • International Market Study

    International market study with global FDI analysis and forecasting and identifying the top 20 countries to target for FDI across every target sector

  • Performance and Location Benchmarking

    Statistical modeling of city-level FDI performance and location benchmarking of Dubai against leading cities globally in 10 sectors

  • Sector Analysis & International Market Study

    Sector analysis and international market study to identify target countries for FDI

  • Market Studies

    Detailed market studies of Japan, China, ASEAN, US, Canada, and India with profiling of the FDI potential in target sectors

  • Target Sector Identification

    Identifying target sectors for FDI in Rwanda based on market assessment (FDI and trade data) and competitiveness assessment (RCA and location benchmarking)

  • Target Company Identification

    Identifying over 1,000 target companies in 11 major sectors to target for investment in Konza Technopolis

  • Strategy & Research

    Strategic research identifying high potential investors from ASEAN , Korea, and Australia with a long list of 100 companies and 40 detailed company profiles

  • Target Company & Sector Identification

    Identifying a long list of 250 companies and short list of 50 to target for FDI in Uganda in 3 edible oils, electronics, and pharma

  • Global Investor Survey

    Global investor survey to identify companies with FDI in Africa and their perceptions and interest in Rwanda

  • Investor Perception Survey

    Investor perception survey of the 15 countries in the Caribbean with detailed recommendations for investment promotion strategy

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