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An interactive map application for UK Trade & Investment, which is used as a key marketing tool to promote inward investment. To this end, the interactive map is incorporated in the UKTI website, was featured in UKTI's annual report and referenced by Prime Minister David Cameron at a recent investment conference.

Key features
  • Navigation system: The map provides an easy to use sector based navigation system to allow end users quick access to relevant data. All calls to the system are dynamic, so there is no requirement for page reloads.
  • Heat Maps: A custom overlay of the UK was designed to present various statistical information in colour coded heat maps, presenting data on companies, employment, population, etc.
  • Pushpins: A database of companies and universities can be accessed on each sector and subsector and is plotted onto the map using pushpins, each pushpin can be clicked to provide detail on the company or university. These can also be viewed in an alphabetical list.
  • Analysis: The mapping solution provides significant flexibility to present data and analysis, including the integration of chart elements

 UKTI Map for Investors website
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