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Software Development - Our ApproachProcess, Methodologies & Technologies

We take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to each software development project:

  • Discovery 1 - What is driving the need for a solution? (evaluation of current business processes amd work practices).
  • Discovery 2 - Client requirements gathering meetings. We pride ourselves on listening very carefully to our clients technology needs first and foremost.
  • Interface Prototyping - Presenting 'proof of concept' prototypes of the potential solution(s) to the client. Close collaboration follows where together we finalise the solution from a visual and design perspective.
  • Agile specification - Conception and agreement of all core deliverables in the form of 'user stories' and all or any required outputs.
  • Planning - Drafting of technical specification and project plan - Agreement on time lines of project and each core deliverable.
  • Development - Execution of the development plan following sign off of the technical specification.

  • For each milestone...
  • Phased Iterative / Milestone delivery - Delivery of project components/modules for Beta testing.
  • Beta review - Addressing all or any issues/changes to scope based on beta testing results.
  • UAT review - User acceptance testing (Signing off on all core agreed deliverables)

  • Installation / Integration and training - Delivery of final solution + user documentation.
  • Post-project - Aftercare & Maintenance

We utilize an iterative Agile development methodology offering WAVTEQ's clients the highest level of engagement and control in the conception and formation of the software solution. Agile ensures a robust requirements specifications along with rapid application development, allowing us to reach the end product in the most efficient and unambiguous way possible.

Beyond project completion, aftercare and ongoing support are a crucial aspect of the service we provide. Ongoing monitoring, feedback and indirect support of end users are all elements of this, delivered in a responsive way to our clients.

We understand data...

WAVTEQ delivers database solutions across a diverse range of advanced data sets of varying sizes for our clients. We have developed many back end research solutions for data entry, survey analysis, financial modelling together with the front end applications to present the same data to the specifications of the client.

We help clients get the absolute maximum potential from their data using our proven data mining algorithms to ensure that the full power of your data is unlocked. We develop sophisticated analysis tools, high quality user friendly interfaces and industry leading reporting technologies (utilising the Microsoft Office suite) allowing the end user to produce slick outputs, in the from of downloadable charts, spreadsheets (Excel), reports (Word) and slide-show presentations (PowerPoint).

The building blocks...

The core technologies we use are:

  • Adobe Coldfusion 8,9,10 - PHP
  • Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS (T-SQL) - MySQL
  • Javascript - JQuery - JQuery Mobile - HTML5 - CSS3
  • Flex - Flash - Adobe Edge - PSP 10+
  • IOS for Mobile - Android for Mobile - Phonegap
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