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Working as an economic development professional can be challenging. It requires an understanding of market dynamics, industry trends, corporate strategies and how they all interact on a daily basis.

It also requires skills in the business of economic development and investment attraction from best practice in investment promotion, marketing, value propositions, and lead generation through to how to facilitate investment and provide business retention and expansion (aftercare) services. 

Wavteq Institute is a subscription service which provides practical tools you need to enhance your skills and knowledge as an economic developer. As well as professional certification, eLearning subscribers also benefit from access to the specifically developed report content and our latest thinking on issues ranging from policy to practice.

It provides you and your wider organization the opportunity to update and refresh critical knowledge and key skills to enhance both personal and organizational effectiveness.


Each of the 11 core courses within the elearning platform are designed around key learning outcomes and with ongoing assessment, you can work towards Certification to enhance your personal success as well as your organization’s capability and professionalism.
The elearning & certification platform draws on wavteq’s experience in running over 50 training workshops and training over 1,000 economic development and investment professionals from over 50 countries. The platform incorporates global best practice knowledge from working with over 500 EDOs and IPAs and thought leadership research, studies, and training guidelines. The platform is informed by practical experience in securing over $50 billion on FDI and grounded in theory, with a comprehensive reference list provided for every course for further reading. 
Client of the elearning and certification platform including some of the world’s leading economic development and investment promotion organizations from the US, Canada, and Europe as well as IPAs from emerging economies and LDCs.

11 Core Training Courses 

Corporate Location Decision Making and Location Determinants

Investment Promotion Strategy Development

Investor Targeting and Lead Generation

Foreign Direct Investment Definitions and Trends

Investment Facilitation & Enquiry Handling

Best Practices in Incentives

Sustainable development and FDI

Value Proposition Development

Marketing a Location

Investment Promotion Best Practice techniques

Best Practices in Aftercare and Business Retention & Expansion (BRE)

Excellent content and exams that build on your knowledge, reinforce, and then expand. One thing that impressed me about Online-Learning is if I have a question (even before starting a course), there is always a quick response.

Acting Director, States Coordination Department, Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission

I have just began the FDI Certification, but I am very pleased with the product. We would like to use the training for all junior members of Quebec’s IPAs.

Team Leader, Foreign Investment, Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation

Frequently Asks Questions

Question not answered?

  • Who is the elearning and certification platform for?

    The elearning and certification platform is aimed at investment promotion agencies, economic development organizations, free zones and industrial parks, and all organizations and people involved in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI).

  • What is the FDI certification platform?

    The system is a fully automated, continuously updated platform to enable elearning and certification of investment promotion, business recruitment, and economic development staff. Users can review comprehensive training courses and take exams on the platform to get certified. Upon successfully completing an exam, the User instantly receives a signed Certificate indicating which courses they have passed.

  • Who prepares the content for the courses?

    Wavteq, renowned globally as the leading authority on FDI and investment promotion, prepares all content for the platform. The content is practitioner based and is designed to directly help investment promotion and economic development officers with their work. The content is based on:

    • Our team of 80 FDI specialists with offices in 12 countries
    • Our track record of working with over 300 government agencies securing over 1,000 realised FDI projects creating $50 billion of Greenfield FDI
    • Our experience training over 2,000 investment promotion and economic development staff in over 50 countries on how to attract FDI
    • Our Publications Portal - the most comprehensive source of studies on FDI and investment promotion with over 2,000 economic development professionals subscribing (see
    • Our proprietary Databases and Tools - WAVTEQ is the world’s leading developer of FDI data and software tools for investment promotion

  • How often are the course materials updated?

    The elearning and certification platform is powered by a central database which allows Wavteq to continuously update course content, exam questions, and add new modules. As soon as new content is available it is automatically updated on your system. You will have access to a “Course Updates” inbox which will inform you of the most recent updates. Having access to constantly updated materials is a key benefit. This also enables Wavteq to quickly make changes to content based on user feedback so it is a constantly improving system aligned to the needed of investment promotion and economic development organizations.

  • Do you provide face-to-face training?

    We have provided over 100 FDI training workshops and we offer very attractive training packages combining an on-site training workshop at your organization with the elearning & certification platform. A key weakness of most training workshops provided in the area FDI attraction is that there is no certification that attendees have actually learned what they need to learn from the workshop. Our unique training solutions addresses this by providing the elearning and certification platform as part of our training workshop programs.

  • How much does the elearning platform cost?

    We provide very attractive fixed price, annual Enterprise licenses, which enable an unlimited number of staff in your organization to use the platform. Please contact us for more information.

  • What admin features does the platform provide?

    Each organization receives their own system. An Account Management System is provided as part of each system. Administrators from your organization can add and remove Users and have an administration panel where they can see every User, what modules they have passed, and other key information. Its a very easy to use system.

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