Exceptional track record in attracting investments across all industries


Wavteq has extensive experience in resource based sectors, which account for over 20% of global foreign direct investment.

We have developed trade and investment strategies, value propositions, and have implemented investment generation programs for economic development organizations for both greenfield and PPP investors resulting in over $15 billion in investments. We have a key focus on sustainable investments in these sectors.

Our specific sector experience includes:






Oil & gas


Renewable energy

Example Projects

  • Asia-Pacific

    Facilitating some of the largest ever petrochemicals investments from companies including Lotte Chemical, Shin Etsu, Taiyo Nippon Sanso, Wanhua Chemical Group, and Yuahuang Chemical

  • Chile

    Development of the national value proposition of Chile for renewable energy

  • Canada

    Value propositions and marketing plan for Fisheries, Forestry, and Renewable Energy sectors for Western Nova Scotia

  • Uganda

    Development of the value proposition of Uganda for edible oil and identification of potential investors

  • Scotland

    Identification of 60 Chinese oil & gas and renewable energy companies to invest in Scotland

  • Turkey

    Identification of potential investors for one of the world’s largest solar tenders in Turkey

  • Kenya

    Identifying over 50 utility companies to invest in Konza Technopolis in Kenya

  • Canada

    Sector analysis and investor profiles for lithium deposit investments in Leduc-Nisku, Alberta

  • Germany

    Renewable energy and sustainable agriculture investment attraction program for a German State

  • Indonesia

    Developing the value proposition of Indonesia for the solar sector and for air transport investments

Example Case Studies

Wavteq helps facilitate the largest ever Chinese investment in the USA

This was the largest ever Chinese greenfield manufacturing investment in the USA. The Wavteq team worked with the company and Louisiana Economic Development to help make the project happen. This included setting up and attending meetings for the Secretary of Louisiana with Yuhuang as part of a road show to China organized by Wavteq.

two triangle

Building a new World-scale methanol unit in Louisiana is Shangdong Yuhuang's first major step in becoming a global player in the petrochemical industry. Louisiana was the right choice for our company to locate our first operation in the USA and we were greatly assisted by Louisiana's Economic Development Department's representatives in China in coming to that decision.

Shangdong Yuhuang


Lotte Chemical invests $3 billion in the USA facilitated by Wavteq

Lotte Chemical Corporation is a subsidiary of Lotte Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in Korea. Wavteq Korea team facilitated and assisted Lotte Chemical Corporation to set up 2 plants in Louisiana, the US; Ethan cracker (Project 1, JV with Axiall Corporation) and MEG plant (Project 2, Lotte's own project). The project created 215 direct jobs and 1,892 indirect jobs with $3 billion investment.

Wavteq sourced intelligence the company was expanding and met the company to provide assistance and worked closely with Louisiana Economic Development. Wavteq Korea provided seamless assistance to Lotte Chemical and LED to ensure the project successfully landed into the State.

Western Nova Scotia value propositions for fisheries, forestry, and renewable energy

Wavteq in partnership with Location Strategies, developed a comprehensive inventory of potential FDI opportunities in connection with innovative Fisheries industries, Forestry, and Renewable Energy. A marketing and communication plan together with FDI attraction tools were set out. All of which were assembled into a Strategic FDI Action Plan.


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