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Henry Loewendahl

Founder & C.E.O

Henry is founder and Group CEO of the WAVTEQ Group and Senior Vice President of fDi Intelligence. He has 20 years of experience in the area of FDI. He has worked with over 150 EDOs and global corporations in 60 countries. more details...


Chris Knight

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Chris has nearly 15 years of FDI consulting and sales experience, most recently as Global Sales Director of fDi Intelligence, Financial Times, where he headed-up the commercial activities of its fDi portfolio including, fDi Magazine, fDi Events, fDi Markets and fDi Benchmark. more details...


Daniel Callaghan

Senior VP International Business Development

Daniel brings with him, from his previous role as Sales Director at OCO, multi-sector experience working with international corporate and government clients. more details...


Kim Fahem

VP, Asia Business Development

Kim has spent 16 years in the business of attracting corporate investors from Hong Kong and ASEAN. During this period she has been responsible for numerous outbound investments including prominent corporates such as Alibaba and SML, with a combined capex of over $40m and more than 300 jobs. more details...


Nisan Abdulkader

Senior Business Development Manager, Africa

Nisan Abdulkader has worked in the field of foreign direct investment since 2016. Previously, she worked in consulting, marketing and program management roles at renowned UN agencies, in particular: the Consortium for agricultural research (CGIAR), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome, Italy and the United Nations Environment Program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Nisan decided to combine her expertise in public sector research to drive foreign direct investment in the private sector. more details...


Caroline McKeown

Finance & Contract Manager

Caroline has 11 years of experience in financial services. Caroline plays a key role in our economic development representation contracts, centralizing project administration, reporting and finance to ensure highly efficient project delivery. more details...

Data & Products


Robert Pasley

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Robert is our Chief technical officer with responsibility for managing all technical and software related areas of the business. more details...


Robert Pender

Co-Founder and Director, Software Development

Robert is highly regarded as one of the industry's leading experts in developing web-based economic development applications having developed and still managing the Financial Times Ltd fDi product suite of applications including fDi Markets and fDi Benchmark. more details...


Nerys Coleman

Co-Founder and Deputy Director, Data & Products

Nerys has 10 years experience in FDI research and consulting. A fluent French and Spanish speaker, she started her career in linguistics before undertaking FDI analyst roles at OCO Global and Financial Times. more details...


Ian O'Sullivan

Senior Product Manager, Software Development

Ian leads and manages production for the mobile applications team in WAVTEQ, managing solutions for key clients across a wide range of products and systems. more details...

Lead Generation


Kavan Bhandary

Director, Global Corporate Intelligence and Managing Director, India Lead Generation

Kavan is recognized as one of India's leading experts on outward FDI and corporate location strategy with over 12 years of experience. more details...


Chris Fraser (OBE)

Director, Asia Pacific

Chris Fraser has over 30 years of experience in the FDI industry. He has led teams attracting over $10 billion of FDI creating over 40,000 jobs for his clients. more details...

Young Ho

Aoife Clarke

Senior Manager, UK Lead Generation

Aoife has over a decade of business development and consulting experience working with high profile organizations including the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the United Nations (UN), major consulting firms, and high growth private enterprises. She has proven track record in delivering major trade and investment successes leading over $0.5 billion in Greenfield FDI project successes in 2018 creating 1000s of new jobs. more details...


Tingmei Deng

Managing Director, China Lead Generation

Tingmei has worked for more than 15 years in the China outbound investment sector and has attracted over 60 foreign investment projects in a variety of sectors from across China. more details...


Masao Kumori (MBE)

Managing Director, Japan Lead Generation

Masao has over 25 years continuous experience in attracting FDI from Japan. From 1988-2011, Masao led a team attracting 279 Japanese FDI projects to clients, with realized capital investment of over $8 billion creating and safeguarding 25,000 jobs. more details...

Young Ho

Young Ho Seo

Managing Director, Korea Lead Generation

Young-Ho has 18 years' experience in developing outbound Korean investment, attracting over 180 Korean FDI projects. He has over 1500 key contacts within major Korean companies. more details...

Bruce Takefman

Bruce Takefman

Managing Director, North America Lead Generation

Bruce Takefman, founder and president of Research Consultants International, leads a seasoned and enthused team that provides economic development consulting for some of the world’s most prominent EDOs. more details...



Scott Bryan

Senior Partner, Strategy & Consulting

Scott Bryan is a Senior Partner at WAVTEQ and leads its Strategy & Consulting practice. more details...

Young Ho

Christian Kollinsky

Senior Director, Sustainable Development

Christian Kollinsky leads Sustainable Development projects in WAVTEQ with his key role to inform our FDI strategy, sector research, and investor targeting activities from a sustainable development perspective as well as to implement CSR into WAVTEQ. more details...

Client Testimonials

I just finished reading your report on Brexit and I must say it is the most comprehensive one I laid my hands on to date. Impressive team and wealth of data you have! Will continue to be subscribed!

image of Wilson Chan
Wilson Chan
Director, Middle East at ST Logistics Group

Every FDI officer in the world should have your tools.... you are always one step ahead of everyone else.

image of Pilar Madrigal
Pilar Madrigal
Director of Investment Promotion,
Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency - CINDE

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